Antique Max Rader bisque & composition doll
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A vintage Max Rader German bisque socket head doll with open mouth and glass eyes.  The doll measures 13 1/2" tall.  Max Rader is a well know German firm with a reputation for quality bisque heads.  The body is made of composition and is of much lesser quality than the head with scattered chips and broken fingers on the left hand. We believe this to be her original body. The wig and pate are well attached.  The beautiful fixed blue glass eyes are bright and clear. The doll is wearing a vintage (but not original) outfit complete with shoes and socks. The dress and shoes are a bit large for her.  Her feet were wrapped in tissue paper to make the socks and shoes fit better and the dress is pinned at the top in the back. We have inspected the head with a light from the inside and found it to be free of any cracks.  The head is marked "Made In Germany" and  "50  4/0".  This wonderful Vintage German bisque girl doll with fixed eyes and open mouth with teeth is just waiting to join your collection. PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS WONDERFUL VINTAGE MAX RADER DOLL.


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