Thomas Edison Talking Doll
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NOTE***We actually sold this doll in an auction on ebay in November, 2012. Much to our surprise the auction ended with a final selling price of $25,100 to the high bidder. We thought some of you might enjoy seeing her so we are including her on our website. The following is the description that was in the listing on ebay.

We are pleased to offer for your consideration an 1890 THOMAS EDISON TALKING DOLL. This particular doll was on display at the Midwest Phonograph Museum for many years. We purchased this doll at the final sale of the contents of the museum. Due to the amazing condition of the doll we assume that the she has undergone a complete professional restoration at some time. Her beautiful clothing, including her undergarments, and feather decorated hat are expertly made replacements as well. We do not know the type of fabrics used in constructing the garments. WE ARE NOT DOLL PEOPLE, BUT WILL ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE. Given the superb “like new” condition of the cylinder player inside the doll’s body we suspect it also to be a replacement, however, the fact that there is any mechanism in the body at all is very rare. We do not have a cylinder recording to test the mechanism, although the mechanism appears complete and functioning. The last photo shows 2 views (pictures we took) of the cylinder player out of the body and on the top of the same photo is a picture of the vintage 8”x11” black and white glossy photograph that we received with the doll. The photograph was used in the display and it will be included in the sale. The open mouth with four teeth bisque head is incised with “S12H 719” and under that “DEP”, indicating Simon and Halbig mold #719, and size 12. This doll has beautiful brown glass eyes and a human hair wig. The head has no cracks but we did find a few tiny imperfections; there is a small chip at her left ear ring hole and some flaking above the right ear, also one tiny flake in the center of her forehead and at the back of her head above the markings. The doll stands 22 inches tall. It is constructed with a tin body and articulated wooden arms and legs. The hands and feet appear to be composition and are in excellent condition. The legs and arms have a variety of small chips and a few fine cracks. We are not doll experts and there could be more minor imperfections on the head and body so please look over the photos well and ask for additional pictures if you need them. We have many more photos available, so if you are serious about the doll please request specific additional photos prior to the last day of the sale. The cylinder player is concealed inside the tin body and operated by means of a crank handle placed onto a shaft protruding from her back. The cylinder used in this doll would be a miniature wax cylinder and would have measured about 3” in diameter by ¼” thick and ½” in width. The Worlds First Talking Doll introduced in 1890 it was invented and manufactured by Thomas Alva Edison. For a variety of reasons the dolls were a failure and taken off the shelves, making them only available for a very short period of time. These facts make the Edison Talking Doll a very rare and desirable toy not only with cylinder phonograph collectors but with toy and doll collectors as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this amazing doll!

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Price: $25,100.00
Availability: SOLD