Roullet and Decamps clockwork walking horse automaton
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We are pleased to offer for your consideration a fantastic and rare all original Roullet et Decamps Walking Horse Automaton made in Paris, Frace, circa 1880.  The horse appears in the Roullet and Decamps circa 1878 catalog on page 10 (see photo#9).  The catalog page is shown on page 282 in Christian Bailly's book Automata The Golden Age 1848 - 1914.  The wind up mechanism works very well and the motor is strong.  When wound, this wonderful leather covered horse will walk forward moving his head up and down as a noisemaker (bellows) inside his body makes a sound that is supposed to imitate a neigh or whinny (be sure to watch the video above).  He will walk approximately 7 to 8 feet on a lightly textured surface on one winding.  The horse measures an impressive 13" long and approximately 11" tall to the top of his ears.  The original winding key is still present. The winding shaft is on his right side and the start/stop lever is on his belly just forward of the back legs.  He has a carton body covered with very thin and soft leather, a leather saddle, glass eyes, and all four of his original toothed metal wheels on the bottom of his feet so that he can walk right along.  There is scattered staining and wear on his body, head, and legs as is typical with these old automata, but he is in overall very nice shape. The letters LME written in black marker on the underside of his belly (see photo#8), but this is not visible when the horse is on display (or when you are playing with him and making him walk!)  If you are an automata collector, this horse is a must-have for your collection!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS EARLY AND RARE ROULLET et DECAMPS AUTOMATON.

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