Roullet Decamps monkey playing the accordion automaton with music box
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We are pleased to offer for sale a vintage Roullet et Decamps wind up musical automaton monkey accordion player in excellent condition and working very well. Wind the fixed R&D key in the back of this charming chimpanzee and he will begin to play by turning his head from left to center then back, open and close his mouth all while he pumps his accordion in and out and the music box inside plays a lively tune - be sure to watch the video!  A gorgeous monkey, he is made of carton (paper mache) with natural fur and glass eyes.  He has had the paper bellows in his accordion replaced as well as his clockwork cleaned and oiled so he's all set to entertain you for many performances.  This musical monkey measures about 11" tall, 7 1/2" front to back, and 6 1/2" wide.  A classic automaton by the master firm of Roullet & Decamps is always a welcome addition to any automaton collection. 

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