Roullet et Decamps clockwork standing drinking bear automaton
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We are pleased to offer for sale a rare clockwork musical Roullet and Decamps Standing Drinking Bear Automaton circa 1890.  This wonderful bear works very well and when wound he pours the liquid from the bottle into his cup and raises the cup to his mouth.  As he is doing this he opens his mouth and tips his head back as if he’s taking a drink from his cup. The liquid actually drains from the cup through a tube in his left arm, through his body, down his right arm and back into the bottle so he’s ready to drink again.  He will do this numerous times with each winding and as he does, a music box inside his torso plays a lively tune.  Be sure to watch the video above to see him in action!  The bear is in great all original condition!  He has his original glass eyes and nose and his soft original brown rabbit fur covering.  The original bottle and cup are made of brass; they're dark in color because they've tarnished with age.  His four wooden paws still have most of their original black paint.  He is wound using a removable key on the shaft protruding from his right side just below the arm holding the bottle. We will include a replacement key that fits the shaft well.  In the center of his back is the stop start pin.  This desirable drinking bear automaton stands 15 1/2" tall and he measures about 8 1/2" front to back and approximately 7 1/2" wide. This is one of a very few automata ever made that use liquid in their action. This wonderful drinking bear is from our personal collection and appears in our e-book, Antique Automata: Magical Mechanical Animals And People 1870 - 1930.  The Roullet & Decamps Standing Drinking Bear Automaton rarely comes to market, so don't hesitate to make him part of your automata collection! 
PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS EARLY AND RARE ROULLET et DECAMPS AUTOMATON. Please choose UPS Ground for your shipping method during checkout. The bear will be double boxed and carefully packaged and we will pay the cost of insurance. You pay only the shipping cost. 

NOTE***To prepare him to "drink" you will need to fill his cup with any liquid (we use water) when his cup is in the down position, then let him run through a cycle and fill the cup half way on the second cycle.   Be sure to empty the liquid from the bear once you've finished operating him by inverting him over a sink. 

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