Roullet et Decamps clockwork music box automaton cat in milk pail
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We are pleased to offer this wonderful circa early 1900's Roullet et Decamps Cat in a Milk Can Musical Automaton. When wound, and the start/stop pin is slid out, this adorable fur covered cat will emerge from inside to lick the rim of the milk can. The kitty rises from inside, turns to see who might be watching, licks the rim several times, then turns and suddenly disappears back down into the can as if he’s been caught.  All of this happens while a delightful melody plays on a music box mounted inside the can. Be sure to watch the above video to see this darling kitty in action.  The clockwork motor functions very well and has recently been cleaned and oiled; it will run approximately 3 1/2 minutes on a good wind. The music box has all of it's teeth and plays nice and loud.  This adorable little French musical kitten automaton is in all original condition.  The cat is covered in off-white rabbit fur with scattered gray accents and it has a composition nose, glass eyes, and excellent paint on the metal tongue.  The automaton measures about 9 1/4" tall with the lid off and the cat positioned all the way up, the base of the can is just over 4 1/2" in diameter and overall with the lid on the milk can measures about 9 3/8" tall.  On the backside of the can is a brass rimmed opening for the winding shaft and next to that is the brass capped stop/start slide pin.  The aluminum milk can and lid are in great condition with a fabulous surface patina and a few dings.  Included with the automaton is the original key that was tied to the handle of the can with the old string you see.  This rare old Roullet & Decamps musical automaton will make a fine addition to any antique toy, cat, automata, or music box collection.  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS WONDERFUL ROULLET et DECAMPS CAT IN MILK PAIL MUSICAL AUTOMATON.
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