Roullet et Decamps acrobat somersault bear
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We are offering for sale a rare Roullet & Decamps acrobat bear automaton, made in Paris, France circa late 1800's - early 1900's.  The bear is made with a carton/papier mache head and torso, wood and wire arms and legs and feet, and composition hands with a short wire in the palm that attaches to the wire rings.  The bear is covered in a natural brown and white rabbit fur coat and is all original.  The clockwork motor is concealed inside the torso. Winding the mechanism is accomplished by rotating the bear's arms backward until the spring is tight.  Once wound, hang the bear from the rings at the end of the chains and the bear will rotate on the rings hanging by his hands and pump his legs and head back and forth as he does to complete his mid-air somersaults (Please be sure to watch the video above to see this adorable bear in action).  The mechanism is working very well and the bear is in great condition.  This brown and white mechanical bear measures 10 1/2" in length.  The metal bar with the loop in it with chain and rings is included in the sale; it is a replica of the original hardware and allows him to perform perfectly (when we purchased him he was missing this).   There is minor paint loss to his feet and hands and he's missing a bit of his nose, but overall the bear is in excellent all original condition. This is a great example of a hard to find Roullet et Decamps Acrobat bear and he will make a very amusing and delightful addition to any automaton or toy collection.  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS EARLY FRENCH SOMERSAULT ACROBAT BEAR AUTOMATON.  

If you are located in the Canada or the United Kingdom and wish to purchase this item please choose the Priority EXPRESS Mail shipping method during checkout so that we may insure your purchase.  The Postal Service will not allow us to insure it for the full value when shipping to these two countries via regular Priority Mail. Insurance isn't available at all to the U.K. unless shipped via Priority EXPRESS, and even then there is only $650 worth of insurance available. Thank you.

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