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We are pleased to offer for your consideration a fantastic Lehmann tin wind up toy, No. 640 ZIG-ZAG or ZICK-ZACK.  Note the latest patent date on the toy is 1907 (see just below the blue coated gentleman's right arm in blue on the cream colored background.  The production dates listed in the book Lehmann Toys The History of E.P. Lehmann 1881-1981  are 1910 to 1945. This is the finest ZIG-ZAG we have seen in quite some time.  This German toy functions perfectly and the condition of the finish is remarkable!  The paint has very little wear and all of the colors including the gold highlights are exceptionally bright.  The only notable damage is to the red coated gentleman's right hand and arm.  It is missing some paint and is a bit bent. Please be sure to review the close up photo of this man. This toy has not been opened or repaired, nor has it had the paint touched up.  This wonderful antique toy appears to be 100% complete and all original.  Possibly one of the antique toy world’s most unique toy designs this great toy features two men suspended in a motorized tub balanced between two wheels.  When wound the toy rolls first one direction, reverses direction and heads off in another direction, and then another….all the while the figures move forward and back while the tub they are suspended in rocks up and down. Please be sure to click on the link above and watch the video to see the toy in action.  When it was new this toy was advertised as being powered by an ingenious mechanism that caused the toy to never repeat the same course.  This toy is sure to stand out in any toy collection!  The toy measures 5” in length by 5” in height and 4” in width.  If you have been waiting for a well preserved Lehmann Zig-Zag in wonderful condition to add to your antique toy collection, then your wait is over!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL 10 PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS VIEW THE VIDEO FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THE TOY.

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