J&E Stevens cast iron monkey on tricycle pull toy bell toy made from original bronze casting patterns..
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We are pleased to offer for sale an extremely rare J&E Stevens Monkey On Velocipede bell toy made almost entirely from the original late 1800's factory  Bronze Casting Patterns.  The side of the front wheel is marked PAT. JULY. 24. 83 (see photo #1 top front of the wheel).  The cast iron version of this toy rarely comes up for sale and this toy made from Bronze Casting Patterns is a rare find indeed!  "Casting Patterns" were used by the factory as a "pattern" to make a mold into which molten iron was poured to "cast" a toy out of steel/iron.  Only six of the 23 parts used to build this toy are not the original bronze patterns.  Those 6 pieces which are the saddle (the piece he sits on that holds the bell), the two rear wheels, the handlebars, the right thigh, and the piece that has the hole for the string to pull the toy have been  re-cast in bronze using their original casting patterns via the original method of sand casting (very fine).  A patina was added to the surface of the six re-cast pieces to make them a better color match to the original parts.  This pull toy has been assembled to function as it was intended using all bronze rivets.  When rolled across the floor the wheels turn, the monkey's legs move as if he's pedaling the tricycle, and once every full rotation the hammer under the bell will strike.  The bell and the hammer are both bronze so it makes more of a thud sound than a ringing sound like cast iron would have made.  The toy measures approximately 8 1/4" in length by 8" in height, and  3 1/2" in depth.  The Monkey On Velocipede Bell Toy Pull Toy was the most complicated and expensive bell toy J & E Stevens ever made and likely why the toy is so rare.  This extremely rare J&E Stevens casting pattern of the Monkey On Velocipede Bell Toy would easily become a treasured addition to any bell toy  or casting pattern collection!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS RARE EARLY AMERICAN TOY.

**In 1959 the J&E Stevens foundry declared bankruptcy and ceased production in Cromwell, Connecticut.  At that time three of the factory employees were enlisted to clean everything out of the foundry.  They divided the contents three ways amongst themselves and created a toy collector's treasure trove.  In recent years a few auction houses have been selling off some of the collections of those former employees.  The bronze casting patterns that we are offering in this sale were originally sold from one such collection.  If you are located in Canada and wish to purchase this item, please choose Priority Mail EXPRESS International during checkout so that we may insure the item adequately. Thank you!

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