Fernand Martin Le Cab Hansom Cab
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A rare painted tin clockwork Fernand Martin Le Cab or Hansom Cab, made in Paris, France in the early 1900's.  The first ones made in 1889 were flywheel driven and then in 1903 the first clockwork ones were made.  This toy appears to be all original (except for the reins that are replacements).  This Hansom Cab is the rarer blue sided version rather than the more often found red cab.  On the back of the cab next to the winding key is the familiar embossed triangular French Export mark, it also appears faintly again on the "seat" area in the front of the cab.  Once wound and placed on the right surface the horse will walk along as the cab moves forward.  We have found that heavy paper or bare wood seems to allow the front hooves to catch allowing the mechanism to work.  It's all about the surface, hard and smooth won’t do it.   Please watch the video above to see a quick view of the toy in action.  This Hansom Cab measures about 8 3/4" in length overall and 5 1/4" in height and will make a perfect addition to your Martin collection!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS RARE ANTIQUE CLOCKWORK FERNAND MARTIN HANSOM CAB.

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