EGAWA made in Japan crawling beetle Lehmann knockoff
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We have for sale a very rare and early tin wind up Crawling Beetle manufactured by the Egawa Toy Co. of Japan circa 1923. It is NOT made by Lehmann. This wonderful early toy was paterned directly after a Lehmann Crawling Beetle of the same vintage, but was not made by Lehmann.  The paint finish on this beetle is wonderful with easily 90% plus of the original paint remaining. On the underside of the middle right leg at the knee is an epoxy repair visible only when you flip the toy over (please see photo #10). On the neck of the beetle just forward of the wings and just behind the eyes is a logo with the letter E inset in a pair of blacksmith tongs.  On the back of the beetle under the wings it is marked MAR. 1923 MANUFACTURED BY EGAWA then below Y.E. MADE IN JAPAN CO.  and under that the word MARK appears and the same logo with the blacksmiths tongs and the letter E at the tip of the tail.  Once wound using the removable key this Beetle will advance forward walking on its legs and flapping its wings quickly.  Close examination of the clockwork mechanism shows nearly the exact same construction used in the Lehmann models.  The beetle measures 3 3/4" in length of the body and just under 3 3/4" across at the middle legs.  When compared to a Lehmann Beetle of the same vintage the body appears slightly larger.  This early and rare Lehmann knock-off Japanese tin clockwork toy would make a great addition to any well versed antique toy collection!   PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS RARE JAPANESE CRAWLING BEETLE.

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