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We’re very pleased to offer for your consideration a wonderful early 1900’s Schoenhut Jolly Jiggers toy. This rare Schoenhut toy consists of a wooden base with two balanced wooden paddles upon which the suspended Schoenhut dolls can be made to “dance”. The paddles are tensioned from below with rubber bands that cause them to spring up and down when tapped……the harder you tap the faster they dance! At the narrow end of the paddles is a small metal latch that will lock the paddles together for simultaneous dancing or unlock the paddles for individual performances. The jointed wooden dolls are each suspended from a long piece of curved steel set into a wooden handle that fits into the base allowing the dolls to hop about as they “dance”. The dolls are constructed in easily recognizable Schoenhut techniques, with composition sculpted heads and facial features depicting a Dutch Boy and Girl. Each doll has a loosely-jointed wooden body with painted wooden shoes and stockings. The girl doll is wearing a cloth shirt and jumper with a slip under it. The boy doll is wearing a cloth jacket, hat, and short pants. We believe each of these dolls to be wearing their factory original costume which is still in remarkable condition except for a bit of staining. The toy is in great original condition, with no repairs or replacements. The heads on both the boy and the girl do have some small spots of paint loss. PLEASE CLOSELY INSPECT THE PICTURES BEFORE BIDDING. The patina on the wood is terrific and if you look close at the pictures, all around the outside edges of the paddles is printed in a Dutch themed tulip pattern and in the center is printed “JOLLY JIGGER”. Just below that it reads “PATENT APPLIED FOR”. The Schoenhut Jolly Jiggers were presented in the 1914 catalog available individually or as a pair, and described as “sensational dancing toy...dances the most imaginative difficult steps” When fully assembled this rare Schoenhut Jolly Jigger toy measures 21” in length by 16” of height (including the dolls) and 11” of width. The boy and the girl doll each measure approximately 12” tall. This wonderful antique toy is for the serious Schoenhut collector that will appreciate adding something truly rare to their collection! PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS TOY. THANK YOU! 


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