Carl Adam Lehmann crawling beetle
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We have for sale a very rare and exceptional tin wind up Crawling Beetle in the Original Box invented and manufactured by Carl Adam of Konigsberg Germany.  This wonderful early toy was patented by Carl Adam on March 1st, 1894 and was produced by him for only four years, from 1894 to 1898.  Ernst Paul Lehmann purchased the Carl Adam estate in 1898 and began production of the Lehmann Crawling Beetle EPL #431.  The paint finish on this Beetle is wonderful with easily 90% plus of the original paint and no restoration.  On the back of the Beetle just forward of the wings is the Carl Adam trademark featuring a Ballerina dancing on a globe (see photo #5).  When wound the Beetle will advance forward moving its legs and flapping its wings quickly. (Please watch the video above)  Close examination of the clockwork mechanism shows a substantial difference between the Adam beetle and the later Lehmann models.  Printed on the middle legs near the body is ENGL. PATE on the right side and the number 6074 on the left.  The original box is complete and solid, however the colorful label does have some minor staining.  On the back of the box bottom is a previous owner’s catalog number in a small white dot sticker.  The box measures about 4 3/4" square overall and 2" tall and even includes a piece of the original tissue paper in the bottom of the box.  The Beetle measures 3 3/4" in length of the body and just under 4" across at the middle legs.  An early and rare tin clockwork toy with the original box in exceptional condition is always a welcome addition to any fine antique toy collection.   PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS RARE ANTIQUE TIN WIND UP CARL ADAM CRAWLING BEETLE TOY IN THE ORIGINAL BOX.

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