Cast aluminum antique mechanical monkey
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We have for sale a very unique vintage mechanical metal Monkey.  He is NOT clockwork. If you manually push his legs into a sitting position he turns his head to the left.  If you manually put his legs in the straight down position his arms raise about 1 1/2".  His head remains facing forward unless his legs are pushed into a firm sitting position. The monkey is about 13" long from the top of his hat to the tip of his toes with the legs in the straight down position. The black box he is sitting on in some of the photos is NOT included in the sale.  He is jointed at the shoulder and hip.  Both of the arms move together as do the legs.  Both the right hand and the right foot have a 1/4" hole drilled through them. The brown paint on his hands, feet, and head, along with his orange cap, appear to be original and hand done. He's unmarked and we're unsure as to where he was made.  We have looked long and hard, but we could not find where this monkey would have been hanging around; his purpose is a mystery to us. The clothes he wears are either satin or silk and are old and worn with several holes and stains, but fit him well.  The shirt and pants are trimmed with red sequin type trim and the neckline and ties are gold colored ribbon.  The work that would have originally gone into making the clothes leads us to believe this was an upscale piece.   The weight (1 pound, 10 oz.) and lack of magnetic attraction make us believe it's made of cast aluminum. Was is used as part of an antique advertising piece? Part of an antique automaton? A Unique piece for sure, just wish we knew what his early life entailed! He's adorable even as a display piece, especially if you love monkeys! PLEASE VIEW ALL PHOTOS FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS MYSTERY MONKEY!

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