Walking Dachshund dog automaton
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An adorable antique French automaton walking Dachshund dog.  This darling 1930's Dachshund will walk a good eight feet and more when wound.  This all original pretty pooch has a carton body and head (molded paper) covered with mohair, glass eyes with what looks like a bakelite nose and original collar and tag.  The head can be manually adjusted from side to side or straight ahead and it separates at the neck to allow access to part of the mechanism for oiling (the head is held in place with a spring so it won't fully remove).  The clockwork motor can be seen inside the dog through the neck.  On the carton neck tube is a paper tag written in French, we assume it's the maker or directions but is only partially visible.  The beige mohair has faded to pink on the top and sides of the dog, while underneath he remains the original color.  It has considerable scattered wear and hair loss due to it's age.   The largest wear is on top at the tail body joint.  This adorable mechanical dachshund weighs 15oz and it's about 12" long not counting the tail, and it comes with the original winding key.  It would look great walking around in your mechanical toy collection! PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS CHARMING WALKING DACHSHUND AUTOMATON.  


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