Huge clockwork wind up nodding rabbit automaton
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We are pleased to offer for your consideration an impressive 26" tall, circa 1900, clockwork German Rabbit Nodder Candy Container (note the size of him compared to a 12 oz. Pepsi can in the second photo).  This gorgeous lifelike Rabbit nodder works very well and when fully wound it has a lengthy run time in excess of four hours.  This massive Rabbit features a carton body (paper mache), huge glass eyes, and a natural fur coat.  We believe based on the giant size of this mechanical bunny it may have been intended to be an Easter display for a candy store or other retail establishment when it originally was made. The celluloid and wood basket on the rabbit's back hangs from a green silk ribbon looped over his fore legs; the green color has faded with time to gold in some places. The basket looks large enough to hold about half a quart of candy, and the old grass in the basket appears to be paper dyed green. The basket does have some damage at the top and it's missing a section of wood trim and the tip of one of the staves. The fur coat on the rabbit sheds a bit of hair as is typical and the fur on his tummy is a bit yellowed.  The clockwork is brass and easily wound via a removable key inserted through the Rabbits left thigh. A replacement key that works well will be included in the sale.  When examining the clockwork we could easily see German language printed paper inside of the rabbit used in the construction of the paper mache body. This exceptional antique German clockwork Rabbit nodder has presence about it that can only fully be appreciated in person!  What a great addition to any nodder, automaton, or rabbit collection!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS AMAZING CLOCKWORK NODDER RABBIT AUTOMATON.

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