Bontems double singing bird cage automaton music box
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We offer for sale a wonderful antique French 20" Bontems Double Singing Bird Cage automaton that sings clear and loud.  This automaton is in excellent all original condition.  The brass clockwork winds easily and works great.  The birds function perfectly.  Each will open and close their beak, turn their head, and twitch their tail while they take turns singing (see video above).  The gold/green velour on the bottom of the cage is original and in excellent condition as well.  On the side of the base above the on/off lever are the numbers 1 2 3.  1 is the position for OFF, 2 is the position for continuous singing, 3 is the position for intermittent singing.  When the lever is in position 3 the birds will sing for a short time then stop briefly and start singing again and they will repeat this pattern for the entire winding. The finish on both the base and the cage has a great patina, and it has only minor wear.  The bottom of the cage is marked with the serial number "5618165" along with "MADE IN FRANCE" and it has rubber feet to protect your furniture (see last photo). This gorgeous Bontems French double singing bird cage measures just over 20" tall (handle down) and about 11" in diameter at the base. The original winding key is included as well.   This beautiful Bontems double singing bird cage automaton will bring years of delight to the new owner!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS WONDERFUL BONTEMS DOUBLE SINGING BIRD CAGE AUTOMATON. Sorry, due to large size of box, this item is sold in the United States only. 

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