Santa's Clockwork Nodding Reindeer to pull his sleigh on Christmas
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We are pleased to offer for sale a wonderful circa 1950 Clockwork Nodding Reindeer Automaton made in West Germany and dressed in full Christmas regalia. The reindeer measures nearly 17" tall with the head up at the top of the antlers and approximately 9" tall to the middle of his back.  He is about 14" long from the tip of his nose to his tail (perfect to go with your sleigh or santa!).  Once he is wound and set in motion this gorgeous reindeer will bob his head up and down for hours on a single winding. This big Buck has a paper tag on his belly and an ink stamp on the wood insert portion of his antlers that reads "MADE IN WEST GERMANY".  He is in excellent condition and his mottled grey mohair coat, felt saddle, and oil cloth harness and collar are all in near mint condition.  He does have one well done repair to the left antler, and if we didn't mention the repair you probably wouldn't see it.  We have included a well fitting replacement key for winding the clockwork motor. This is the perfect time of the year to add this wonderful Holiday themed clockwork nodding reindeer to your collection, and then you'll have him to enjoy for many years to come!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS CLOCKWORK NODDING REINDEER AUTOMATON.

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