Louis Marx Mechanical Streamlined Train M10000 M 10000 Miniature
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We have for sale a 1935 Louis Marx & Co. M10000 Miniature Mechanical Streamlined Train in the original box.  The wind up motor on the train works well and will propel it along nicely.  The litho paint on the train has minor play wear at the corners of the cars from contacting each other when turning.  There is no corrosion on the litho and it still has a very nice glossy finish.  This early Marx train had no track to run on it was called a "Table Train" by the company. The on /off lever does not stop the motor.  The hard to find original box has bold ink and it will display very nicely with the train.  The box has been repaired from being torn into two pieces, also the three flaps on one end of the box have been reattached and the other end of the box has no flaps.  The train measures just under 15" in length, the box is the same length and about 1 1/4" square.  We will include a well-fitting replacement winding key with the sale. This miniature scale train is a very rare find in this condition with the original box!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS WONDERFUL EARLY MARX MINIATURE TRAIN TIN WIND UP TOY.


Price: $125.00
Availability: SOLD