1932 pie-eyed Mickey Mouse parade carnival cane
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We are pleased to offer for sale a rare and desirable 1932 George Borgfeldt Pie-Eyed Mickey Mouse Parade Cane or carnival cane. We were able to find only two other examples of this rare parade cane/walking stick during our research and neither were in this nice of a condition.  The Mickey Mouse figure head on this cane is made of a molded composition with a black line mouth unlike the more common ceramic version found on carnival canes from the 1940's with a red mouth.  Located about 5 1/2 " below the head on the shaft of the cane is the original Walt E Disney label that is never found on carnival canes. This oval gold label with red outline and black letters is complete and clear.  It reads across the top; "REG US PAT OFF" then below "MICKEY MOUSE" and below that "COPR BY" and at the bottom "WALT E DISNEY".   This wonderful and desirable Mickey Mouse Parade Cane is completely original with the metal tip and blue painted wooden shaft.  it is without any repair or touch ups.  The molded Mickey Mouse head has wide spread crazing and a couple of tiny missing flakes of paint as would be expected given the age and materials used in the manufacture of the piece.  We checked our library of Disneyana Collectable books and the only example we could find of this cane was in a George Borgfeldt advertisement on page 51 (see listing photo #10 ) in the book "DISNEYANA, by Cecil Munsey".  The George Borgfeldt advertisement is dated 1932 and clearly shows a pair of these Mickey Mouse Parade Canes in the upper left corner.  This desirable Mickey Mouse Parade Cane measures a full 35 1/2 " in length overall and Mickey's huge head is 2 7/8" tall and 2 3/8" wide, an impressive size.  This exceedingly rare 1932 Pie-Eyed Mickey Mouse Parade Cane would be a treasured addition in any accomplished Disneyana or Mickey Mouse collection.  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS WONDERFUL GEORGE BORGFELDT MICKEY MOUSE PARADE CANE. SHIPS WITHIN THE UNITED STATES ONLY. FREE SHIPPING!

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