Bing tin wind up toy
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We are pleased to offer for your consideration an extremely rare private label Bing Diamond T "Boston Store" delivery truck manufactured circa 1922.  This beautiful truck is fresh to the market having spent its life in a Chicago estate.  The "Boston Store" advertised on the truck was located in Chicago at the address shown on the sides of the truck. This entire tin truck, top to bottom, inside and out, including the driver behind the wheel, is in outstanding and all original condition; this is a very study truck.  The detailed lithograph paint on this toy is a fine example of the workmanship that made Bing famous.  The finish on this truck is glossy, bold and sharp.  The original paint surface is untouched.  For this truck to be in this condition it must have been stored away from sunlight in a near dust free environment all these years. There are a couple of areas of very minimal scuffing on the right side panel in the black area. The only loss we found to the paint is under the number 195 on the left side, two spots on the right wheel hub and a ½” hairline scratch on the painted headlight on the right side front of the cab.  Miraculously the tin is almost completely void of any corrosion at all. The wind up motor works perfectly with a strong spring and propels the truck smoothly.  The front wheels can be positioned to allow for turning left or right.  The body of the truck is straight and solid, with no bends or wrinkles.  The opening rear doors are in excellent condition with the original T shape latch handle. The axles and hubs are straight and tight with minimum typical deflection to the spoke wheels. The Boston Store slogan on the top of the truck, “Our Wagon at your neighbor's door means the package being delivered is paid for.” informs customers that the store was proud of the fact that they did not sell on credit.  This wonderful Bing 1922 “Diamond T” Boston Store delivery truck measures 8” in overall length and 4 ¼” in height. If you’re one of the discriminating collectors that only wants the best available in their collection, then this Bing Diamond T truck has your name written all over it!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS EXTREMELY RARE EARLY GERMAN TOY.

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1922 Bing Delivery Van CHICAGO BOSTON STORE Private label Truck

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