Evanston Supply Co. Glider
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We have for sale a rare American toy. The Joy-Toy Soaring Monoplane made by the Evanston Supply Co., 118 N. LaSalle St., Chicago with a factory in Evanston.  Considering it's made mostly of paper the monoplane is in great shape with only one short 1 1/2" tear next to the top of the wing support arm on the right side.  Two small wire arms mounted to a coil spring extend the wings after maximum height is reached assuring a gentle glide back to earth.  The wings are decorated with patriotic lag pattern of red, white, and blue with stars.   The red center/fuselage section of the plane has the name of the toy, the maker, and a Patent date of 1916 printed on it.  The art work on the box indicates that at one time there was a launcher included, probably a short wood handle with a large rubber band on it and a tail section.  We did not fully expand the wings to connect them to the fuselage  because we did not want to tear the wings any further.  It is truly amazing that this fragile wood, tin, and paper airplane has survived this long considering what could have gone wrong during it's flights or while in storage.  Not to mention that the wonderfully decorated box also survived very well over the last 100 years with just a few missing pieces at the top and bottom (we think it was always open-ended).  The plane measures about 10 3/4" in length with a wingspan of over 14" and the box measures 11" x 3 1/2" x 3/4".   If rare antique aeronautic toys are something that you enjoy collecting, what are you waiting for!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS RARE EARLY AMERICAN TOY.
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