Fernand Martin clockwork wind up performing bear made in Paris France
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We are pleased to offer for your consideration aFernand Martin tin clockwork Performing Bear, “L’Ours Martin”, made in Paris France circa 1903.  This antique toy bear’s condition is not the greatest. Unfortunately the person that owned him prior to us was not so kind to him. He does retain his original ears, chain, stick, and most of the original paint. He is missing a lot of his flocking on his head and feet and the fabric that covers him is very fragile, with several tears and repairs and a lot of it is missing, especially on his legs. Much of the cloth on his upper body is glued to his metal body. When we purchased him he was not working at all and we had to repair his broken spring by shortening it about an inch. In the process of repairing him we noticed that the top of his legs had been soldered in the waist area (does not show when cloth is covering him) and then we had to sew closed the bottom of his cloth covering between his legs as best we could (a lot of cloth on his legs is missing - especially the inner legs). The bear has a fixed key in his back and once wound he will rock from side to side on his lead feet twisting at the hips (please be sure to watch the video!). He winds and works and will rock for about 15 to 25 seconds with each winding.  Both the bottoms of the bear’s feet are clearly marked; the left is Martin’s FM trademark and on the right foot is a French export mark.  This Fernand Martin bear measures approximately 7 ¾” tall.  If you’ve been looking for a Fernand Martin “L’Ours Martin” performing bear that's an affordable price for your beginning collection then your wait is over!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS FERNAND MARTIN PERFORMING BEAR.

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