Ives mechanical wind up cat in milk can
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We are pleased to offer for your consideration an extremely rare early American IVES clockwork Mechanical PEEK-A-BOO Cat in Milk Can toy. This toy is in near mint, all original condition including both of the original paper instruction tags!  This is a museum quality piece!!  We have found the toy advertised in a copy of the 1893 Ives, Blakeslee & Williams Co. Catalog.  See the last picture in our listing for a photo of this ad shown as reference (catalog not included in the sale).  When the mechanism is wound, a white fur covered cat with yellow-green glass paperweight eyes rises up, balancing the lid of the can on his head just far enough to peek out from under the lid then pauses for a moment, after which he will rise up further, sufficiently enough to allow for a good look and then stick out his tongue just before disappearing back down into the can with the lid closing on top of him.  Please be sure to watch the video above to see him in action!  The mechanism works wonderful and has a run time of over five minutes. The darling little cat still has his original bowtie around his neck!  He has a red metal tongue, little nose, and adorable pink ears. The cylinder body of the can is made of tin and painted black with gold stripes around the top and base. Fortunately sometime during the life of the toy someone varnished over the paint preserving the original finish in near mint condition with only very minor paint loss.  The lid and the bottom of the can are made of turned wood (possibly walnut).  Please also note that the original silk ribbon is still attached to the loops on the side of the can where it would have been used to carry the toy (although it is now in two pieces).  On the bottom is the original paper Directions label and hanging from one of the loops on the side of the can is the original paper label stating “DO NOT BEAR DOWN OR PULL UP THE COVER”.  The toy measures approximately 8” tall to the top of the knob on the lid when the cat is down inside and about 10” when he is all the way up.  The can is about 5” in diameter at the base.  The key is a well-fitting antique replacement that will be included in the sale.  This is a very rare clockwork toy from one of America's most well-known and earliest toy manufactures located in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  We have researched back many years and can find only four examples of this rare Ives Mechanical Peek-a-Boo and none of the others are as complete as the one we are offering.  Don’t miss this opportunity to add this museum quality early American Ives toy to your collection!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS AMAZING IVES MECHANICAL PEEK-A-BOO AUTOMATON. 


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