Roullet et Decamps clockwork pouncing and leaping tiger antique automaton
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We are pleased to offer for sale a wonderful circa 1890's clockwork Leaping or Pouncing Tiger automaton made by Roullet & Decamps of Paris, France.  Once wound and activated via the on/off pin located on his belly, this fierce tiger will move his head slowly from side to side as if sniffing out his prey and slowly crouch down closer and closer to the floor, then suddenly leap up on his back legs and jump forward a few inches delighting his audience with each leap.  He will leap 4 or 5 times with each full winding (Be sure to watch the video above to see him in action). This tiger has been restored with a new natural fur coat. The wooden parts, the paper-mache body and head, the glass eyes, the clockwork motor, and rope tail are all still the original parts.  Only the fur hide and whiskers have been replaced.  Now he works very well and looks great too.  A well-fitting replacement winding key is included in the sale.  This huge tiger automaton measures 14" from the tip of his nose to his rump and an additional 8” in tail making him 22" overall, and about 7 1/4" tall at the top of his head.  This leaping tiger will be a fun addition to any automata collection! PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS EARLY ROULLET et DECAMPS AUTOMATON.
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