Early American tin Platform Pull Toy of Dog with Bells
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We are pleased to offer for your consideration a very rare and huge size early (1870s-1880s) Fallows tin dog platform pull toy with bells.  This is the largest of all the tin dog pull toys ever produced by an American tin toy company. This grand early American hand painted tin toy measures a whopping 14” in length by 13 ¼” tall, and about 4 ¾” wide!  This antique toy is huge and dwarfs most all early tin platform toys (see size comparison of a Pepsi can in first photo).  The condition of this toy should be considered secondary to the fact that it exists at all.  Nearly all tin toys that are 120 plus years of age have had some repair and/or paint touch up over their lifetime.   We will describe the best we can the condition issues we have found with the toy, however, you should use the zoom feature in the photographs to closely examine the toy and ask for additional pictures if you desire more clarity.  The bells and the hammers and their supports appear to be all original.  We have found four old solder repairs, two under the dog’s front paws, one between the ankle and knee on the right rear leg, and possibly another at the top of the right ear. The back right wheel is an old replacement.  The bell holder on the collar is missing two jingle bells and while the left side of the holder is in place it is loose at the dog’s collar (see close up photo).  Also the center brace underneath the platform is detached at one side.  We have examined the paint and we did not find any clear indications of a repaint, only some small evidence of white accents that appear to have been added some time ago but now they are mostly gone.  There is possible other paint touch up but we cannot be sure.  This platform toy was manufactured in various sizes and configurations; it was produced with bells like this, just the dog with no bells, and a third version with just a rider.  This large version (most were 9” or less) with the bells on his back is extremely rare.  Our research indicates that this grand toy was likely made during the 1870’s to 1880’s time frame by James Fallows & company.  Mr. Fallows was previously the foreman for America’s first toy manufacturer Francis, Field, and Francis in Philadelphia.  Later Fallows own company also located in Philadelphia became part of the Ives toy company.  If you collect early American tin toys then this rare impressive platform pull toy will make a wonderful addition to your collection!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL 10 PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS WONDERFUL ANTIQUE TOY. 

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