Early American Ives clockwork Chinaman dancer toy
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We are pleased to offer for sale an 1870's, earliest version of the clockwork Ives Automatic Toy Dancer.  This Automaton Dancer is working very well and when wound the Chinese man will dance about wildly flinging his legs and arms and hopping up and down for a good long run (between two and three minutes with a strong wind). All of the finishes on this entire toy have been black-light tested and are all 100% original.  The paper covered wood box has retained the exceptionally bright blue color and is about 95% complete (there is some staining and rippling to the paper so please view all of the photos). The Dancer is in excellent condition with only minor crackling and loss to the paint and he's missing a small section of fringe from his right hip.  Often little or none of this original fragile trim actually exists. The steel and brass clockwork mechanism is identical to the mechanism found in all of the single Ives Dancers with hardwood varnished boxes. A replacement winding key that fits well is included. The box alone measures 8 1/2" in length 4 1/4" in width and 3 1/2" in height, with the man in place the toy is about 10 1/2" tall overall.  Inside the lid is an original paper label from the store where it was sold in London, England. The label reads "PERRY & COMPANY'S PATENT AUTOMATON DANCERS SOLD BY DEALERS IN FANCY GOODS (see the Pics).  This label is often confused as the maker's label.  Perry & Co. also had offices in New York City at the same time Ives, Blakeslee, & Co. did.  While Perry & Co. sold clockwork jigging dancers, they primarily sold stationery supplies, pencil cases, books, cycle chains and cycle accessories, and they manufactured ‘Perryan’ patented pens. This dancing Chinaman is the earliest version of the Ives Automatic Dancer patented in 1873 by William A. P. LaGrove and it will make an excellent addition to any early toy collection and should be of special to the Ives toy collector.  On September 23, 1873 A. W. P. LaGrove patented the first clockwork automatic dancer with the clockworks housed below the figure. The patent for this toy, Patent No. 143,082 was then issued by Mr. LaGrove to the Ives Blakeslee Company who manufactured it.  Hence the birth of this style of the popular Ives Automatic Dancer Toys.  See picture #11 for page 133 in the book AMERICAN CLOCKWORK TOYS 1862 - 1900  by Blair Whitton.   PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS EARLY AMERICAN IVES CLOCKWORK AUTOMATIC DANCER TOY.


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