Boy on Velocipede mechanical toy
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We are pleased to offer for your consideration a very rare version of an early American clockwork toy "Boy on Velocipede".   This is a rarely seen variation of the popular early mechanical toy.  The clockwork motor is working and the boy will peddle the velocipede easily with just a few turns of the key. The toy works great so be sure to watch the video. The toy is wound on his left side motor box using a removable key, a replacement will be provided with the sale.  When wound the boy will peddle the velocipede in any direction that you choose by positioning the front wheel either right, left, or straight.  This toy is in great condition retaining all of the original paint and clothing with a few moth holes here and there and an old repair to his left sleeve.  The blue tin motor cover still shows some of the fancy stenciling adorning the top.  The big green cast iron wheels are solid without any damage.  Our boy has cast metal hands and shoes, strap steel legs, a wooden torso, and a beautifully painted (original) Hawkins patent head.  The string tied between his hands was there when we purchased it and we left it because it looks very old, although probably not necessary.  We believe the only two exceptions from being 100% original is an old repair made to fix a crack in the brass frame under the boy in the seat area (see last photo), and the gear stop on the clockwork motor was repaired.  Both repairs are visible only from the bottom when the toy is upside down.  The axle spins straight and the wheels are not loose.  This toy is important and unique because it is an earlier variation of a well known Stevens and Brown Boy On Velocipede toy.   In Blair Whitton's book "American Clockwork Toys 1862-1900" on page 36 is a photo showing both the more common Stevens & Brown Boy on Velocipede with a domed top motor cover and below it another velocipede very similar to the toy we are offering.  This is a very rare and early American clockwork toy. It measures 11" in length, 4 7/8" in width and it's 10 1/2" tall.  When evaluating this toy the question you need to ask yourself is "When will I ever see another one of these that I can add to my collection?"   PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES AS WELL AS WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS RARE ANTIQUE TOY.


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